Apr 2, 2014
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The Mild Revolution - Crying.Screaming.Scared.


"Crying. Screaming.Scared." By The Mild Revolution

This is a song I actually wrote almost a year ago, but I held onto it for some reason. WANT A FREE DOWNLOAD?

GO TO www.purevolume.com/themildrevolution



Mar 16, 2014
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So this is a brand new song and a brand new video. The recording of this tune will be released this week for free download. Check out this video Zac shot (on my birthday) and tell us what you think! also, download it when it comes out (please).-TMR

Jan 15, 2014
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Brand New Animated Video “Teenage Drunks” By The Mild Revolution

Sep 4, 2013
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So Here it is! The video Dir. Zachary Little

"Withering Woods" By The Mild Revolution.

Share, Like, & Enjoy.

<3 TMR

Aug 12, 2013
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I dig this dudes game. Watch him cover teenage drunks! Then wish him good luck on growing a beard.



Jul 13, 2013
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NEW VIDEO coming soon! Shot by Zachary Little.
For a brand new song called &#8220;Withering Woods&#8221; by The Mild Revolution.

NEW VIDEO coming soon! Shot by Zachary Little.

For a brand new song called “Withering Woods” by The Mild Revolution.



Jul 8, 2013
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Listen! I will be honest with you,

I do not offer the old smooth prizes, but offer rough new prizes,

These are the days that must happen to you:

You shall not heap up what is call’d riches,

You shall scatter with lavish hand all that you earn or achieve,

You but arrive at the city to which…

Jun 23, 2013
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I finally took the initiative to fix a few playlists!


For instance, The Mild Revolution playlist now has a bunch of videos from other channels—31 in total—so you can enjoy all of that cross-pollinated folk rock goodness. The Boston Walking Tour one has some videos from my old channel up top (probably all of them, who knows?) There’s also a new one featuring VERY OLD videos from several old channels. Hooray for over-organization! 

Jun 16, 2013
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coldsoupy asked: You write such good music man. Keep it coming.


I will do that. Although, this is less of a question and more of a comment.

So Instead I’ll ask you a question. When are you coming back so we can play some music?!


Jun 16, 2013
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psh51f asked: hey guys, just wanted to say I love your stuff and I've gotten a fair few friends onto you guys too :), I was just wondering if you have any merch that I can get my hands on. Love from Australia, Scott :D

Hey Scott!

I actually don’t have any merch online right now. I have like stickers and stuff that I hand out at shows but not much else. But Fuck it, Why don’t you email themildrevolution@gmail.com with your name and address and I’ll see if I can get some stickers or something out to you.


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